Kathryn Miller



Bryn Mawr College, BA, Psychology


BGSP, MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling


I have experience in both in-patient and out-patient settings working with older adolescents (16+) and adults.

Treatment Philosophy

My therapeutic approach is rooted in an integrative psychodynamic framework that places the individual at the center of their healing journey. I believe in fostering a safe and empathetic space where clients can explore the depths of their emotions, thoughts, and experiences. My philosophy is characterized by three key pillars: person-centered care, LGBTQIA affirming principles, and trauma-informed practices.

Guiding Principles

I believe the therapeutic relationship is collaborative and built on trust, openness, and genuine empathy. I encourage clients to take an active role in their therapy, guiding the process as they explore their inner world. There is an inherent capacity for growth and self-discovery within each person, and my therapeutic approach is tailored to support the unfolding of each client’s authentic self.