Tina Mazzocca, LCSW


BA Rowan University & MSW Rutgers University


Over 16 years as a licensed therapist; Friends Hospital, Camden County Health Services, Eating Disorders IOP and Outpatient practice


 Depression, Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Women’s trauma, Eating disorders, Personality Disorders, Addictions, Adjustment Disorders, Anger Management with adults and adolescents older than 13 years

Treatment Philosophy

The treatment approach I find to be most beneficial to clients is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This approach is excellent in treating many psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and many more. CBT most importantly allows both the clinician and client to work together and allows the client to be an active participant in their treatment. However, if CBT is not the correct approach for a client, I do work with each client to develop the right treatment plan/approach

Guiding Principles

My principles as a therapist include providing objective/supportive feedback; being non-judgemental; working with each client to ensure we develop the most effective individualized treatment plan; keeping open communication with clients to ensure their therapeutic needs are being met and they are acting as active participants in their treatment; providing continuity of care including communication with the clients support system and other pertinent treatment providers such as psychiatrists, primary care physicians, etc…And of course, this communication only takes place with the written consent given by the client